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There are two versions available; please complete one:
1 row per exam:
‘Standard’ format with one row per exam result (i.e. there is usually more than one row per student) – Sufficient for 1,999 rows of data
1 row per student:
‘Grid’ format with one row per student (i.e. results for all exams for a student are provided in one row) – Sufficient for 1,999 rows of data, with up to 6 exams per student
Guidance on how to complete your template can be found on the first tab of the template: “Guide”.
Please make sure that you have viewed this guidance, before beginning to complete your template.
See the ‘Troubleshooting’ tab for additional information on using the template.
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Subscribers - If you subscribe to the Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard then your first and second data submission is free.
Any additional data submissions are chargeable at £70 excl. VAT. Before you upload your additional data please make sure you have sent us your purchase order number.

Non-subscribers - If you don’t have a current subscription to the Post-16 LPUK Datadashboard Centre Update, please contact us for pricing details before you upload your data – email